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Upcoming talks and events:

Set theory seminarMonday, March 30, 20155:00 pmGC 3309
Ralf Schindler

Harrington’s Principle and remarkable cardinals

University of Münster

It is open whether $\Pi^1_1$ determinacy implies the existence of $0^{\#}$ in 3rd order arithmetic, call it $Z_3$. We compute the large cardinal strength of $Z_3$ plus “there is a real $x$ such that every $x$-admissible is an $L$-cardinal.” This is joint work with Yong Cheng.

Computational Logic SeminarTuesday, March 31, 20152:00 pmGraduate Center, 6421
Antonis Achilleos

NEXP-completeness and Universal Hardness Results for Justification Logic

Graduate Center CUNY

We provide a lower complexity bound for the satisfiability problem of a multi-agent justification logic, establishing that there are certain NEXP-complete multi-agent justification logics with interactions. We then use a simple modification of the corresponding reduction to prove that satisfiability for all multi-agent justification logics in a general class we consider is $Sigma_2^p$-hard — given certain reasonable conditions. Our methods improve on these required conditions for the same lower bound for the single-agent justification logics, proven by Buss and Kuznets in 2009, thus answering one of their open questions.

Link to paper on arXiv:


Models of PAWednesday, April 1, 20154:50 pmGC 6300
Simon Heller

The undecidability of lattice-ordered groups II


In this talk I will discuss conjugacy in the automorphism group of the rationals as a linearly ordered set, and then show that the integers, together with addition and multiplication, can be interpreted in Aut(Q), and thus that the theory of Aut(Q) is undecidable.

Set theory seminarModel theory seminarCUNY Logic WorkshopFriday, April 3, 2015
Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring break

CUNY’s spring vacation is April 3-11, 2015. Therefore, no seminars will meet at the Graduate Center on April 3, nor on April 10.

CUNY Logic WorkshopFriday, April 17, 20152:00 pmGC 6417
Robert Lubarsky

Title TBA

Florida Atlantic University
Kolchin seminar in Differential AlgebraFriday, April 24, 201510:15 amGC 5382
William Simmons


University of Pennsylvania
Kolchin seminar in Differential AlgebraFriday, May 1, 201510:15 amGC 5382
Omar Leon Sanchez


McMaster University
Model theory seminarFriday, May 8, 201512:30 pmGC 6417
Leah Marshall

Title TBA

George Washington University
Kolchin seminar in Differential AlgebraFriday, May 22, 201510:15 amGC 5382

Title TBA

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Model theory seminarFriday, May 22, 201512:30 pmGC 6417
Matthias Aschenbrenner


University of California, Los Angeles