Tuesday, October 8, 20132:00 pmComputational Logic SeminarGraduate Center, rm. 3209

On the Complexity of Multi-agent Justification Logic Under Interacting Justifications II

Antonis Achilleos

Graduate Center CUNY

Antonis Achilleos

We introduce a family of multi-agent justification logics with interactions between the agents’ justifications, by extending and generalizing the two-agent versions of LP introduced by Yavorskaya in 2008. Known concepts and tools from the single-agent justification setting are adjusted for this multiple agent case. We present tableau rules and some preliminary complexity results: in several important cases, the satisfiability problem for these logics remains in the second level of the polynomial hierarchy, while for others it is PSPACE or EXP-hard.

This week we will present the general tableau rules for the family. We look more closely at particular examples and complexity bounds and we identify common sources of jumps in their complexity.