Friday, October 10, 201412:30 pmKolchin seminar in Differential AlgebraGC 5382

Geometrically Trivial Strongly Minimal Sets in DCF0

Ronnie Nagloo

CUNY Graduate Center

Ronnie Nagloo

In this talk we look at the problem of describing the “finer” structure of geometrically trivial strongly minimal sets in DCF0. In particular, I will talk about the ω-categoricity conjecture, recently disproved in its general form by James Freitag and Tom Scanlon, and the unimodularity conjecture, a weakening of the above conjecture and which came to life after the work on the second Painlevé equations.

Dr. Joel (Ronnie) Nagloo studies model theory and differential algebra. He holds a Ph.D. from Leeds University, completed under the supervision of Anand Pillay and Frank Nijhoff. After an initial postdoctoral position at the CUNY Graduate Center, he is now an Assistant Professor in mathematics at Bronx Community College.