Tuesday, February 10, 20152:00 pmComputational Logic SeminarGraduate Center rm. 6421

First-order justification logic JT45

Felipe Salvatore

University of São Paulo

Felipe Salvatore

Among the different propositional justification logics, JT45 is the justification counterpart of the modal logic S5. Although there is a growing literature about propositional justification logic, there are only a few papers about the first-order version of justification logic. And most of those papers focus on the first-order version of LP. The goal of this talk is to present a first approach to first-order JT45 (FOJT45). Using Fitting models we will present a possible worlds semantics for FOJT45 and with that establish a Completeness Theorem. We will also discuss some topics related to first-order modal logic such as the Barcan Formula and the failure of the Interpolation Theorem.

Felipe Salvatore is a graduate student in philosophy at University of São Paulo interested in modal logic, epistemology and philosophy of language.