Friday, October 30, 201512:30 pmModel theory seminarGC 6417

On the Existence of Parametrized Strongly Normal Extensions

Ronnie Nagloo

CUNY Graduate Center

Ronnie Nagloo

In this talk we look at the problem of existence of differential Galois extensions for parameterized logarithmic equations. More precisely, if E and D are two distinguished sets of derivations and K is an E union D-field of characteristic zero, we look at conditions on (K^E,D), the E-constants of K, that guarantee that every (parameterized) E-logarithmic equation over K has a parameterized strongly normal extension. This is joint work with Omar Leon Sanchez.

Dr. Joel (Ronnie) Nagloo studies model theory and differential algebra. He holds a Ph.D. from Leeds University, completed under the supervision of Anand Pillay and Frank Nijhoff. After an initial postdoctoral position at the CUNY Graduate Center, he is now an Assistant Professor in mathematics at Bronx Community College.