Tuesday, December 1, 20152:00 pmComputational Logic SeminarGraduate Center, rm. 3309

An Arithmetical Interpretation of Verification and Intuitionistic Knowledge

Tudor Protopopescu

CUNY Graduate Center

Tudor Protopopescu

Intuitionistic epistemic logic, IEL, introduces to intuitionistic logic an epistemic operator which reflects the intended BHK semantics of intuitionism. The fundamental assumption concerning intuitionistic knowledge and belief is that it is the product of verification. The BHK interpretation of intuitionistic logic has a precise formulation in the Logic of Proofs, LP, and its arithmetical semantics. We show here that the Gödel embedding, realization, and an arithmetical interpretation can all be extended to S4 and LP extended with a verification modality, thereby providing intuitionistic epistemic logic with an arithmetical semantics too.