Wednesday, October 26, 20166:30 pmModels of PAGC 4214-03

Models of arithmetic with two expansions to $ACA_0$, Part 2

Kameryn Williams

The CUNY Graduate Center

Kameryn Williams

In this talk and its prequel I construct models of arithmetic with exactly two expansions to a model of $ACA_0$. Last time, we saw how to build models of arithmetic which are A-rather classless for some class A of the model. In this talk, I will use a kind of forcing argument to show how to pick this A so that the resulting model has exactly two expansions to $ACA_0$. Time permitting, I will explain the difficulties in moving from two to three.

Kameryn Williams is a graduate student in mathematics at the CUNY Graduate
Center, specializing in set theory and mathematical logic. He received a
bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Boise State University in 2012.