We have a variety of logic seminars and logic-friendly seminars at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Set theory seminar

The set theory seminar meets Fridays (10:00 - 11:45 am, GC room 6417) during the semester and holds talks on all aspects of set theory and its connection with other parts of logic and mathematics. Topics especially include forcing, large cardinals and infinite combinatorics. Talks are given by distinguished visitors, as well as by members of the New York logic community.
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CUNY Logic Workshop

The CUNY Logic Workshop is a weekly seminar in mathematical logic at the CUNY Graduate Center.
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Model theory seminar

The Model theory seminar meets weekly at the CUNY Graduate Center on Fridays 12:30 until 1:45, covering a broad collection of topics in model theory. The seminar is organized by Alfred Dolich, Roman Kossak, Hans Schoutens and Philipp Rothmaler.
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Models of PA

The Models of PA seminar meets regularly at the CUNY Graduate Center, holding talks on models of the Peano Axioms and related theories. It meets on (most) Mondays 6:30 - 8 PM at the CUNY Graduate Center in room 4214.03. It is organized by Roman Kossak and Erez Shochat.
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Computational Logic Seminar

The seminar in computational logic at the CUNY Graduate Center
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Kolchin seminar in Differential Algebra

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The Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar sponsors conferences several times yearly at universities mostly on the US east coast.
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NY Philosophical Logic Group

The New York Philosophical Logic Group, founded and organized by Hartry Field and Graham Priest, organizes talks and discussions in philosophical logic, interpreted in a generous sense. Meetings are held at NYU.
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NY Graduate Student Logic Conference

The New York Graduate Student Logic Conference has met every few years at various locations, sponsoring talks by graduate students from all around the world.
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Logic and Games Seminar

The Logic and Games seminar focuses on a variety of topics in the logic of games, including social semantics and social software.
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HoTT Reading Group

The goal of this group is to study this: Homotopy type theory is a new foundation for mathematics based upon type theory and the univalence axiom. This is a topic that unifies the foundations of mathematics, computer science, algebraic topology, and type theory.
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GC Philosophy Colloquium

The CUNY Graduate Center Philosophy Colloquium has talks on topics a variety of philosophical topics, including logic, and some of those talks are listed here at nylogic.
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