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DART VII, the seventh meeting of the conference series Differential Algebra and Related Topics, will take place at the CUNY Graduate Center (and other CUNY venues) from September 30 – October 4, 2016. Information about this conference is available here. It will include talks by Alexander Buium, Zoe Chatzidakis, Taylor Dupuy, James Freitag, Victor Kac, Joel Nagloo, Anand Pillay, and Thomas Scanlon, among others.

Set Theory Day March 11, 2016 at GC

We announce a one-day conference, Set Theory Day on Friday, March 11, 2016, in celebration of the 50th birthday of Prof. Joel David Hamkins. The conference will take place at the CUNY Graduate Center and will last all day, with many of Prof. Hamkins’s former students giving talks on their work. All interested mathematicians are invited to attend. The schedule is posted on A PDF program is here.

NERDS October 17, 2015 at Assumption College

The 2015 autumn meeting of the New England Recursion & Definability Seminar will be held on the campus of Assumption College, in Worcester Massachusetts, on Saturday, October 17, from 10:00 until 4:15. Titles and abstracts are now posted at the link for NERDS, under the Seminars tab. Directions and visitor information are available here.


The second joint JAF/MAMLS (Journées sur les Arithmétiques Faibles and Mid Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar) will be held at the CUNY Graduate Center 7-9th of July 2015. Confirmed speakers include:
Sam Buss, Petr Glivický, Joel Hamkins, Karen Lange, James Schmerl, Jerzy Tomasik, and Henry Towsner.
The conference is organized by Roman Kossak (Chair), Patrick Cegielski, Alfred Dolich, and Kerry Ojakian. The conference website is here. Funding is available to support participant travel. Please write to [email protected] to apply for support.

Cornell MAMLS: 60 years of Dow, December 6-9, 2014

In December there will be a special meeting of the Mid Atlantic Logic Seminar (MAMLS) in honor of Alan Dow. The meeting will take place at Cornell University from December 6-9 (talks will begin on the morning of December 6th end at lunch time on the 9th).

The following people have agreed to give plenary talks:

Alexander Arhangelskii (Ohio University)
Alan Dow (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
Todd Eisworth (Ohio University)
Klass Pieter Hart (Delft University of Technology)
Istvan Juhasz (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics)
Piotr Koszmider (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Jan van Mill (University of Amsterdam)
Arnold Miller (University of Wisconsin)
Juris Steprans (York University)
Stevo Todorcevic (University of Toronto and CNRS, Paris)

Additional invited talks will be given as well. (There will be no contributed talks.)

To register (free) and for more information, visit

May 12-13 Turing meeting at Columbia University

This is a preliminary announcement: on May 12-14, 2014, a workshop entitled Mind, Mechanism, and Mathematics will be held at Columbia University. This is the second workshop in the Turing Centenary Research Project, which focuses on the work and the legacy of Alan Turing. Details are available at the conference webpage.

Rutgers MAMLS, October 19-20, 2013


Rutgers 2013 MAMLS
The Fall 2013 MAMLS Meeting will take place at Rutgers University on October 19-20, 2013. The invited speakers include Paul Larson, Andrew Marks, Justin Moore, Itay Neeman, Trevor Wilson and Spencer Unger.

The lectures will take place in Room 221 in Scott Hall on College Avenue Campus. For those of you who are coming by train, Scott Hall is a short walk from the train station: Map showing route to Scott Hall, 43 College Ave.

BLAST 2013, August 5-9, 2013, Orange, California

                    → go to the conference web page

It is a pleasure to announce the fifth BLAST conference, August 5 – 9, 2013 at Chapman University, Orange, California, USA.

The BLAST conference series brings together researchers in

B = Boolean algebra

L = Lattice theory, algebraic and quantum Logic

A = Universal Algebra

S = Set theory

T = Set theoretic and point-free Topology

Please consider filling out the Expression of Interest form at the end of this email.

The first four BLAST conferences were at the University of Denver, New
Mexico State University, the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Kansas.

BLAST 2013 will feature invited talks by
* Bernhard Banaschewski (McMaster University)
* William DeMeo (University of South Carolina)
* Francois Dorais (Dartmouth College)
* Mai Gehrke (Université Diderot – Paris 7 and CNRS)
* Steven Givant (Mills College)
* Steve Jackson (University of North Texas)
* Michael Pinsker (Technische Universität Wien)
* Dima Sinapova (University of Illinois at Chicago)
* Sam van Gool (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)

and invited tutorials by
* Martin Escardo (University of Birmingham)
* Heinz-Peter Gumm (Universität Marburg)
* Hilary Priestley (University of Oxford)

The conference is funded by NSF, Chapman University and the Center for Excellence in Computation, Algebra and Topology (CECAT).

Abstract submission is through Atlas-conferences by July 1 at

Registration will be $90 before July 1, 2013, and $110 after that. Electronic registration is available on the conference web page

A limited amount of financial support is available for graduate students and recent PhDs. To apply for support, send an email of request to [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> by May 15, 2013 (see web page for details).

More information can be found at the conference web page.

A printable poster to advertise this conference can be downloaded from

The conference organizers can be contacted at [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

Best regards,
the organizing committee

Peter Jipsen and Andrew Moshier (Chapman University, CECAT) Natasha Dobrinen (University of Denver) Fred Dashiell and Joanne Walters-Wayland (Chapman University, CECAT)

Mostowski 100, Conference in Warsaw October 2013

The Andrzej Mostowski Centenary Conference “Mostowski 100” will take place
in Warsaw, Poland, 11-13 of October 2013. Invited speakers include:
Mikołaj Bojańczyk, Harvey Friedman, Thomas Jech, Menachem Magidor,
Yiannis Moschovakis, Jouko Väänänen, Jan Woleński, W. Hugh Woodin, Mirna
Dzamonja, Leszek Kołodziejczyk, Krzysztof Krupiński, Angus Macintyre,
Ludomir Newelski, Anand Pillay, Christian Rosendal, Zlil Sela, and
Sławomir Solecki. There will also be a poster session at which graduate
students can present their work.

The conference website is

Travel funds from the National Science Foundation are available for
researchers and graduate students affiliated with U.S. institutions.
Application for travel support should be sent to Sergei Artemov at
[email protected] The deadline for applications is September 1st, 2013.

BEST conference, June 16-19, 2013


We are happy to announce that the twentieth meeting of the Boise Extravaganza in Set Theory (BEST) will be hosted as a symposium at the annual meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences. Initial details of BEST 2013 are below. For much more information, please consult the BEST 2013 website.

DATES: June 16 – 19, 2013

PLACE: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Please consult the conference webpage at URL

The 20-th meeting of BEST will be hosted at University of Nevada Las Vegas as a AAAS-PD symposium during  June 16 (Sunday) – June 19 (Wednesday), 2013

It is organized by Liljana Babinkostova, Andres Caicedo, Sam Coskey  and Marion Scheepers.

Contributed and invited talks will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada.


The four invited plenary speakers are:

Todd Eisworth (Ohio University)

 Masaru Kada (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)

 Thilo Weinert (University of Bonn, Germany)

 Lynne Yengulalp (University of Dayton)


In addition to these four plenary talks, the program has ten reserved speaking slots for students, four reserved slots for post-docs and 2 reserved slots for pre-tenure tenure track faculty.


We have applied for funding from the NSF to assist with travel costs for speakers for these reserved speaking slots. The grant proposal has been recommended for funding, but the final award decision has not yet been made. We strongly recommend that speakers from the categories of student speaker, psot-doc speaker or pre-tenure tenure track speaker, interested in presenting at BEST 20, apply as soon as possible to the BEST selection committee for potential travel assistance to participate in BEST 20. Application requirements for these funds are as follows:


Student speakers:

1. Prior to April 16, 2013 submit an abstract for the proposed 14 minute presentation at the abstract submission site.

2. Prior to May 15, 2013 submit a resume including current affiliation, advisor name and stage of study, and a separate statement of goals.

3. Prior to May 15, 2013 have the advisor separately submit a recommendation letter, outlining the benefit of participation in the conference via presentation to the student.

Please note that student speakers are eligible for a AAAS-PD award of excellence for their presentation at BEST 20. Winners of these awards will be announced at the AAAS-PD banquet on June 18, 2013. Student participants will be guests at this banquet.


Post-Doc speakers:

1. Prior to April 16, 2013 submit an abstract for a proposed 25 minute presentation at the abstract submission site.

2. Prior to May 15, 2013 submit a resume including current affiliation, post-doc mentor  name, and a list of publications, and a separate statement of goals.


Pre-tenure tenure track faculty:

1. Prior to April 16, 2013 submit an abstract for a proposed 25 minute presentation at the abstract submission site.

2. Prior to May 15, 2013 submit a resume including current affiliation, years towards tenure, a current list of publications, and a separate statement of goals.


Please note that the AAAS-PD also offers up to 20 travel awards of up to $150 to students to help defray travel expenses to participate in the AAAS-PD annual meeting: This includes BEST.




In addition to these speakers there will also be a number of slots for contributed talks. Anyone wishing to speak at BEST 20 should submit an abstract as soon as possible (preferably prior to April 16) at the abstract submission site. It is strongly recommended to also contact one of the organizers as soon as possible to indicate interest/intention in presenting a talk at BEST 20.



Important deadlines:


DEADLINE 1: REGISTRATION: Please consult  Early registration ends May 31. After that only on-site registration will be possible.  Registration fees are dependent on date of registration. We kindly request that tenure track mathematicians planning to participate in BEST 20 consider acting as judges for the student presentations. The registration form has a place where willingness to act as a judge can be indicated. There are also a number of excursions available that can be indicated on the registration form. Also please consider attending the award banquet – meal choices are available on the registration form.


DEADLINE 2: ABSTRACTS: Atlas Conferences, Inc. is providing abstract services for BEST 20. Abstracts submitted by the deadline will appear in the proceedings of the annual conference of the AAAS-PD. The deadline for submitting an abstract is APRIL 16. The url for the abstract submission website is


LODGING: Las Vegas offers many lodging options. Please see the conference website for lodging suggestions by the AAAS-PD.


New York Graduate Student Logic Conference

→ go to the Conference Website

The fourth New York Graduate Student Logic Conference, which will be held at the CUNY Graduate Center, located in midtown Manhattan, New York, on Thursday, April 18 and Friday April 19, 2013. The goal of this conference is to promote graduate education in logic by bringing together the best graduate students working in any part of the subject. Students will meet and hear talks by other students in logic, give talks on their own research or on their research area, and have the opportunity to interact with senior logicians. All interested members of the mathematical community are invited to attend.

Simplicity Conference

→ go to the Conference Website

Simplicity: Ideals of Practice in Mathematics & the Arts

A conference at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, April 3–5, 2013

Lectures by and conversations among twenty-five mathematicians, artists, art historians, philosophers, and architects, accompanied by a program of artist’s films.

To find “criteria of simplicity” was the goal of David Hilbert’s recently discovered twenty-fourth problem on his renowned list of open problems given at the 1900 International Congress of Mathematics in Paris. At the same time, simplicity and economy of means are powerful impulses in the creation of artworks.

Recognizing the aesthetic nature of Hilbert’s question, this conference aims to focus on criteria of simplicity in mathematics that are informed by perspectives from art and architecture, the philosophy and history of mathematics, and current mathematical practice. Each day of this conference will feature talks and roundtable discussions interspersed by screenings of films by artists.

Invited participants:

Andrew Arana, Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rachael DeLue, Art & Archaeology, Princeton University
Juliet Floyd, Philosophy, Boston University
Curtis Franks, Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
Étienne Ghys, Mathematics, École Normale Supérieure, Lyon
Mikhael Gromov, Mathematics, IHES, Paris and New York University
Rosalie Iemhoff, Philosophy, Utrecht University
Hanna Johansson, Philosophy, History, Culture & Art Studies, University of Helsinki
Maryanthe Malliaris, Mathematics, University of Chicago
Dusa McDuff, Mathematics, Barnard College, Columbia University
Juhani Pallasmaa, Juhani Pallasmaa Architects, Helsinki
David Reinfurt, designer, New York
Marja Sakari, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
Amy Sandback, art historian, New York
Grigor Sargsyan, Mathematics, Rutgers University
Peter Sarnak, Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study & Princeton University
Kate Shepherd, artist, New York
Riikka Stewen, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
Dennis Sullivan, Mathematics, Graduate Center, CUNY & SUNY at Stony Brook
Andrés Villaveces, Mathematics, National University of Colombia, Bogotá
Dan Walsh, artist, New York
Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Research, Concord, MA
Hugh Woodin, Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
Andrea Worm, Art History, University of Augsburg
Jan Zwicky, Philosophy, University of Victoria

Film program:

Andy Goldsworthy (NY Premiere)
David Hammons
Richard Serra
Andy Warhol
William Wegman


Juliette Kennedy, Mathematics, University of Helsinki
Roman Kossak, Mathematics, Graduate Center and Bronx Community College, CUNY
Philip Ording, Mathematics, Medgar Evers College, CUNY