Set Theory Day

Set Theory Day

celebrating Joel David Hamkins’ 50th birthday

CUNY Graduate Center

March 11, 2016


Set Theory Day Poster

Set Theory Day is a one-day conference celebrating Joel David Hamkins‘ 50th birthday, organized by Victoria Gitman, Miha Habič and Roman Kossak. Conference presentations will be given by former and current students of Dr. Hamkins. The conference will be streamed live and video will be available for later viewing here.

Set Theory Day Poster



Location: CUNY Graduate Center, fourth floor, GC 4102 (Science Center)

Live stream:

Contact: Victoria Gitman ( or Miha Habič (

Victoria Gitman’s blog post on Set Theory Day



  • 9:00 am     Coffee
  • 9:20 am     Opening Remarks


  • 10:45 am     Coffee



  • 12:30 pm     Lunch



  • 4:00 pm     Coffee



Post-Conference after-dinner Party