Complexity of constructible sheaves

Friday, November 20, 20151:00 pmGC 5382Symbolic-Numeric Computing Seminar

Saugata Basu

Complexity of constructible sheaves

Purdue University

Constructible sheaves play an important role in several areas of mathematics, most notably in the theory of D-modules. It was proved by Kashiwara and Schapira that the category of constructible sheaves is closed under the standard six operations of Grothendieck. This result can be viewed as a far reaching generalization of the Tarski-Seidenberg principle in real algebraic geometry. In this talk I will describe some quantitative/effectivity results related to the Kashiwara-Schapira theorem – mirroring similar results for ordinary semi-algebraic sets which are now well known. For this purpose, I will introduce a measure of complexity of constructible sheaves, and bound the complexity of some of the standard sheaf operations in terms of this measure of complexity. I will also discuss quantitative bounds on the dimensions of cohomology groups of constructible sheaves in terms of their complexity, again extending similar results on bounding the the ordinary Betti numbers of semi-algebraic sets.

Posted by on November 13th, 2015