Generalized Laver tables

Set theory seminarFriday, November 13, 201510:00 amGC 3212

Joseph Van Name

Generalized Laver tables

CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College

The Laver tables are finite self-distributive algebras generated by one element that approximate the free left-distributive algebra on one generator if a rank-into-rank cardinal exists. We shall generalize the notion of a Laver table to a class of locally finite self-distributive algebraic structures with an arbitrary number of generators. These generalized Laver tables emulate algebras of rank-into-rank embeddings with an arbitrary number of generators modulo some rank. Furthermore, if there exists a rank-into-rank cardinal, then the free left-distributive algebras on any number of generators can be embedded in a canonical way into inverse limits of generalized Laver tables. As with the classical Laver tables, the reduced generalized Laver tables can be given an associative operation that is analogous to the composition of elementary embeddings and satisfies the same identities that algebras of elementary embeddings are known to satisfy. Furthermore, the notion of the critical point also holds in these generalized Laver tables as well even though generalized Laver tables are locally finite or finite. While the only classical Laver tables are the tables of cardinality $2^{n}$, the finite generalized laver tables occur much more frequently and many generalized Laver tables can be constructed from the classical Laver tables. We shall give some results that allow one to quickly compute the self-distributive operation in a certain class of generalized Laver tables.

Here are the slides.

Joseph Van Name received his PhD from the University of South Florida in 2013. He is interested in Boolean algebras, ordered sets, general topology, point-free topology, set-theory, universal algebra, and model theory. Most of his mathematics research involves dualities that are similar to Stone duality.

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