Generalizing the notion of interstices

Models of PAWednesday, March 13, 20138:00 amGC 4214.03

Tin Lok Wong

Generalizing the notion of interstices

Ghent University

I will present a generalization of the notion of interstices that
originated from the study of generic cuts.

Tin Lok Wong is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Ghent University, Belgium, where he is part of the Philosophical Frontiers in Reverse Mathematics project, led by Sam Sanders from Ghent and Keita Yokoyama from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. His research mainly concerns in the model theory of arithmetic, with other interests including various parts of mathematical logic, theoretical computer science, philosophy of mathematics, algebra, and combinatorics. Before arriving at Ghent, he was a Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore, working with Professor Chitat Chong and Associate Professor Yue Yang. His PhD degree comes from the University of Birmingham, UK, where his thesis supervisor was Dr. Richard Kaye.

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