Indestructibility for Ramsey cardinals

Set theory seminarFriday, May 3, 201310:00 amGC 5383

Victoria Gitman

Indestructibility for Ramsey cardinals

The City University of New York

A large cardinal $\kappa$ is said to be indestructible by a certain poset $\mathbb P$ if $\kappa$ retains the large cardinal property in all forcing extensions by $\mathbb P$. Since most relative consistency results for ${\rm ZFC}$ are obtained via forcing, the knowledge of a large cardinal’s indestructibility properties is used to establish the consistency of that large cardinal with other set theoretic properties. In this talk, I will use an elementary embeddings characterization of Ramsey cardinals to prove some basic indestructibility results.

Victoria Gitman received her Ph.D. in 2007 from the CUNY Graduate Center, as a student of Joel Hamkins, and is presently a visiting scholar at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research is in Mathematical Logic, in particular in the areas of Set Theory and Models of Peano Arithmetic.

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