Loftiness V

Models of PAWednesday, December 2, 20156:30 pmGC 4214-03

Roman Kossak

Loftiness V

The City University of New York

A class C of countable models of PA is countably PC*_δ if there is a theory T in a countable language extending PA* such that for every countable model M of PA, M is in C if and only M is expandable to a model of T. The class of countable recursively saturated models of PA is countably PC*_δ, and Kaufman and Schmerl showed that many other natural classes, including the class uniformly ω-lofty models, are not. I will go over the proof of the Kaufman-Schmerl result, and I will discuss other potential approaches to characterizing classes of models of PA via expandability.

Roman Kossak is professor of mathematics at The City University of New York, at Bronx Community College and also at the CUNY Graduate Center. He conducts research in mathematical logic, especially in model theory of Peano Arithmetic.

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