Model theory and exponentiation

Thursday, October 2, 20141:00 pmNAC 6/113, City College of New YorkThis talk will take place at CCNY, not at the Graduate Center.

David Marker

Model theory and exponentiation

University of Illinois at Chicago

Methods from mathematical logic have proved surprisingly useful in understanding the geometry and topology of sets definable in the real field with exponentiation. When looking at the complex exponential field, the definability of the integers is a seemingly insurmountable impediment, but a novel approach due to Zilber leads to a large number of interesting new questions.

Professor Marker holds the position of LAS Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He conducts research in model theory and it applications, particularly in applications to real algebraic geometry and real analytic geometry, exponentiation and differential algebra. His excellent textbook Model Theory: an Introduction is widely studied.

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