Paraconsistent Justification Logic

Computational Logic SeminarTuesday, November 26, 20132:00 pmGraduate Center, rm. 3209

Che-Ping Su

Paraconsistent Justification Logic

The University of Melbourne

In the literature of belief revision, there is one approach called belief base belief revision, where the belief set is not required to be closed under a consequence relation. According to Sven Ove Hansson, in belief base belief revision, there are two ways to define the revision operator:
revision = expansion + contraction
revision = contraction + expansion
Hansson has a result that these two ways of defining the revision operator do not collapse into the same operator. Hansson also thinks that in the first way, there is an intermediate inconsistent epistemic state that occurs after expansion. Paraconsistent justification logic is intended to model the agent’s justification structure, when the agent is in such an inconsistent epi-state. My hope is that this logic could help us better model belief revision.

In my talk, the motivation will be better clarified. And, a paraconsistent justification logic system will be introduced.

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