Ramsey ultrafilters

Set theory seminarFriday, March 22, 201312:00 am5383

Kaethe Minden

Ramsey ultrafilters

The CUNY Graduate Center

I will introduce the concept of a Ramsey ultrafilter and show that under Martin’s Axiom, and under the continuum hypothesis, Ramsey ultrafilters exists. I will actually show that this follows from some consequences of MA on cardinal invariants of the continuum. If time permits, I will make a connection to Ramsey’s theorem. This talk is intended to bridge the gap between the previous talk by Miha Habic on Martin’s Axiom and the upcoming talks by Victoria Gitman on Ramsey cardinals.

Kaethe Minden is currently a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center, studying set theory under the supervision of Gunter Fuchs.

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