Syntactic Epistemic Logic and Games II

Computational Logic SeminarTuesday, February 24, 20152:00 pmGraduate Center 6421

Sergei Artemov

Syntactic Epistemic Logic and Games II

The CUNY Graduate Center

The Syntactic Epistemic Logic, SEL, suggests making the syntactic formalization of an epistemic scenario its formal specification. Since SEL accommodates constructive model reasoning, we speak about extending the scope of formal epistemology. SEL offers a cure for two principal weaknesses of the traditional semantic approach.
1. The traditional semantic approach in epistemology covers only deductively complete scenarios in which all epistemic assertions of any depth are specified. However, intuitively, “most” of epistemic scenarios are not complete. SEL suggests a way to handle incomplete scenarios with reasonable syntactic descriptions.
2. In addition, SEL seals the conceptual and technical gap, identified by R. Aumann, between the syntactic character of game descriptions and the semantic method of analyzing games.

Professor Artemov holds a Distinguished Professor position at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, in the Computer Science, Mathematics and Philosophy programs. He is also Professor of Mathematics at Moscow State University, the founder and the Head of the research laboratory Logical Problems in Computer Science. He conducts research in the areas of logic in computer science, mathematical logic and proof theory, knowledge representation and artificial intelligence, automated deduction and verification and optimal control and hybrid systems.

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