Topological Ramsey spaces and Fraïssé structures

CUNY Logic WorkshopFriday, September 5, 20142:00 pmGC 6417

Jose Mijares

Topological Ramsey spaces and Fraïssé structures

University of Denver

There seems to be a natural relationship between topological Ramsey spaces and Fraïssé classes of finite structures. In fact, for some Fraïssé classes satisfying the Ramsey property, it is possible to define a topological Ramsey space such that the Fraïssé limit of the class is essentially an element of the space. We will talk about examples of this phenomenon, describe the general case to some extent, and comment about how this could be understood as a abstract tool to classify Fraïssé structures.

Goyo Mijares received his Ph.D. in 2007 from the Central University of Venezuela, and is now a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Denver. He studies set theory, Ramsey theory, topological dynamics, combinatorics, and functional analysis.

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