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Topic Archive: Abstract Elementary Classes

Model theory seminarFriday, December 5, 201410:45 amGC 5382

Will Boney

Tameness in abstract elementary classes

University of Illinois Chicago

Tameness is a locality property of Galois types in AECs. Since its isolation by Grossberg and VanDieren 10 years ago, it has been used to prove new results (upward categoricity transfer, stability transfer) and replace set-theoretic hypotheses (existence of independence notions). In this talk, we will outline the basic definitions, summarize some key results, and discuss some open questions related to tameness.

CUNY Logic WorkshopFriday, December 12, 20142:00 pmGC 6417

Andrew Brooke-Taylor

Large cardinals, AECs and category theory

University of Bristol

Shelah’s Categoricity Conjecture is a central test question in the study of Abstract Elementary Classes (AECs) in model theory. Recently Boney has shown that under the assumption that sufficiently large strongly compact cardinals exist, the Shelah Categoricity Conjecture holds at successor cardinals. Lieberman and Rosicky have subsequently shown that AECs can be characterised in a very natural way in a category-theoretic setting, and with this perspective Boney’s result can actually be seen as a corollary of an old category-theoretic result of Makkai and Pare. Rosicky and I have now been able to improve upon this result of Makkai and Pare (and consequently Boney’s Theorem), obtaining it from α-strongly compact cardinals.