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Set theory seminarFriday, October 28, 201610:00 amGC 6417

Aaron Hill

The isomorphism problem for rank-1 transformations

University of Louisville

I’ll begin by describing two fascinating questions in ergodic theory, one being the isomorphism problem for measure-preserving transformations. I’ll survey some of the progress that has been made on these problems, including some partial solutions to the isomorphism problem for certain classes of measure-preserving transformations and some anti-classification results, stating that “nice” solutions to the isomorphism problem are impossible on other classes of measure-preserving transformations. Then I’ll discuss recent work I’ve done with Su Gao on the isomorphism problem for the class of rank-1 transformations, a generic class of measure-preserving transformations where the isomorphism relation is known to be, in some sense, well-behaved. (Background information ergodic theory will be introduced as needed.)