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Friday, February 6, 20154:50 pmGC 4102 (Science Center)

Computability, computational complexity and geometric group theory

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The three topics in the title have been inextricably linked since the famous 1912 paper of Max Dehn. In recent years the asymptotic-generic point of view of geometric group theory has given rise to new areas of computability and computational complexity. I will discuss how this arose and then focus on one recent development in computability theory, namely, coarse computability and the coarse computability bound.

Isaac Goldbring
University of Illinois Chicago
Professor Goldbring is an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, working in the field of mathematical logic, especially model theory. His specific research interests include: Pure and applied model theory, Nonstandard analysis, Model theory for metric structures, Lie theory, Geometric group theory and Operator algebras.