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Set theory seminarFriday, April 24, 20152:00 pmGC 6417

Erin Carmody

Dissertation Defense: Force to change large cardinals

The CUNY Graduate Center

This will be the dissertation defense of the speaker.  There will be a one-hour presentation, followed by questions posed by the dissertation committee, and afterwards including some questions posed by the general audience. The dissertation committee consists of Joel David Hamkins (supervisor), Gunter Fuchs, Arthur Apter, Roman Kossak and Philipp Rothmaler.

Set theory seminarFriday, February 20, 201511:00 amGC 6417

Arthur W. Apter

The tall and measurable cardinals can coincide on a proper class

The City University of New York

Starting from an inaccessible limit of strong cardinals, we force to construct a model containing a proper class of measurable cardinals in which the tall and measurable cardinals coincide precisely. This is joint work with Moti Gitik which extends and generalizes an earlier result of Joel Hamkins.