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Set theory seminarFriday, May 16, 201410:00 amGC6417

Alexander Rapp

The Laver Preparation

The CUNY Graduate Center

I will present the result of Laver demonstrating that the existence of a supercompact cardinal implies the existence of a Laver function, and using this to construct a model with a supercompact cardinal k which remains supercompact in any k-directed-closed forcing extension.

Set theory seminarFriday, March 21, 201410:00 amGC6417

Kaethe Minden

A proof of the relative consistency of PFA

The CUNY Graduate Center

I will use a supercompact cardinal to force the Proper Forcing Axiom (PFA). I will follow Baumgartner’s original argumet, but will use lottery sums instead of a Laver function.

Set theory seminarFriday, December 7, 201212:00 amGC 6417

Erin Carmody

The Laver Preparation

The CUNY Graduate Center

I shall show how to make a supercompact cardinal kappa indestructible for

Set theory seminarFriday, October 12, 201212:00 amGC 6417

Nam Trang

Generalized Solovay Measures

University of California at Berkeley

We will introduce some background and recent progress made in solving the following open problem:

Determine the exact consistency strength of the theory T = ZF + DC + $omega_1$ is supercompact.

It’s known that the upper-bound consistency strength for T is a class of Woodin limits of Woodin cardinals which is (surprisingly) much weaker than ZFC + a supercompact. We will discuss how one might go about computing lower-bounds for T. If time allows, we’ll briefly talk about the relationship of T with the Chang model (CM) and its generalization (CM^+).